Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas and knowledge resources about pattern languages.

Thinkers tend to invent their own models of the complexity of the world.

In 2020, I wrote a book titled After Affordance: The Ecological Approach to Human Actions. The book is my second step of building the Ecological Practice approach which is inspired by Ecological Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, and other theoretical resouces.

The core concept of the book is Attachance which is formed by Attach and Chance. I coined the new term to describe the meaning and value of Attaching act and the Detaching act.

Inspired by Mark Johnson's Image Schema, I developed a set of Ecological Structure Schemas (ESS) for discussing Attachances.

You can find some of ESS in the following post:

Eight types of structures of context for Attachance



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Oliver Ding

Founder of CALL(Creative Action Learning Lab), information architect, knowledge curator.